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Course Overview

This premarital preparation course is offered by Rebekah Prewitt, a Christian Counselor in the state of Florida, USA. As such, the subject matter of this course is centered on Biblical principles. The course is a four hour audio course (mp3 format), and the topics covered include:

  • The History of Marriage
  • Importance of Getting Married Legally
  • Biblical Eligibility for Marriage
  • Timing of Marriage
  • Disclosure
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Expectations in Marriage
  • Leave and Cleave
  • Financial Responsibilities
  • Roles
  • Parenting

Also included is one PDF which includes 6 supplemental exercises. A quiz must be taken. Participants who successfully complete the quiz will be furnished a certificate indicating the completion of the course.

For couples residing in the state of Florida, this course is in compliance with Florida Statute 741.0305. As such, Florida residents who complete this premarital preparation course will be eligible to have their marriage license fee reduced and also avoid the three day waiting period.

*Note: We do not provide counseling for same-sex couples.

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"I went into this with a open mind, and I am glad that I did. A lot of the things that Mrs. Prewitt said are very close to my heart and really did have me asking questions. It turned in to a fun night with my fiance with some good conversation. I am glad that we chose this online course. Thank you for all the knowledge that will help me to become a better wife and mother. I really enjoyed taking this course. I would definitely recommend this for young and old. Thank you again!" - R. R., Jacksonville, FL

"This is very helpful, I would recommend this to everyone. It has everything to have to understand about marriage and life."- O.O., St. Augustine, FL

"The course was helpful, relatable and convenient. Got clarity of the roles on woman and man in a marriage."- M.C., Miami, FL

"Overall this course was just amazing and eye opening. Thank you so much for teaching me! I would definitely recommend everyone who is seeking to get married take this course. I learned a lot of new things about my role as a wife and to rethink my expectations."- A.W., Broward, FL

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Premarital Course Group Rate

Cost: $12.99

Registration with Trinity Bible School is free. You will need to register in order to take this course.


❑ Does your marriage need a breakthrough?

❑ Are you constantly fighting?

❑ Do you get so angry that you are ready to punch the wall?

❑ Are there ex-spouse issues?

❑ Do you wish he would step up as a man?

❑ Do you wish she was more loving?

Why not take the online Marriage Breakthrough course in the privacy of your own home with Rebekah and her husband Billy. The Lord has done an amazing work in their marriage, and He can do the same for your marriage if you learn to do it His way.

Course Overview

Marriage Breakthrough is a 2 hour audio course that addresses 5 key points that need to be in place for a successful marriage:

  • What is marriage?
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dealing with old loves
  • Friendship ties
  • Roles
Also included is a downloadable PDF with worksheets to assist you as you listen to the audio.