Advanced Diploma in Theology

Earn an Advanced Diploma in Theology 
This program has no entry requirements.
This program lasts approximately a year.
The total tuition is $899.91 (USD).

This is a 27 hour program of study that costs a total of $899.91 (USD) in tuition (this does not include the cost of books). There are no entry requirements for this program of study. The program is expected to take approximately 12 months for completion; however, students may study at any pace. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will be awarded an Advanced Diploma in Theology.

Required Courses:

  1. BIB501 - Old Testament Survey 1: Genesis to Esther
  2. BIB502 - Old Testament Survey 2: Job to Malachi
  3. BIB503 - New Testament Survey
  4. THE520 - The One True God
  5. THE521 - Soteriology
  6. THE522 - Hamartiology
  7. THE523 - Pneumatology
  8. THE524 - Eschatology
  9. REL525 - World Religions

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Recommendation for Course Scheduling: Due to the extensive reading requirements of the Bible survey courses, it is suggested that these courses be taken slowly over a longer period of time while taking other courses at the same time. We do not recommend taking more than two courses at the same time. Below is a suggested timeline for study with an expected time of completion of 12 months; however, students may determine the rate of study (and the order if desired).

  • 1st trimester - take BIB501 (4 months) while taking THE520 (2 months) then THE521 (2 months)
  • 2nd trimester - take BIB502 (4 months) while taking THE522 (2 months) then THE523 (2 months)
  • 3rd trimester - take BIB503 (4 months) while taking THE524 (2 months) then REL525 (2 months)

Textbooks and Other Resources

Textbooks and other resources are not included in the tuition prices. It will be the responsibility of the student to secure the necessary resources to complete each course. Many of the courses have suggested and even required texts; however, please keep in mind that many resources are available through public libraries and the internet without cost.

It is important for the student to consider the quality of resources cited in coursework. All resources are not of the same quality academically. For the most part, resources should be both academic and scholarly if possible. For example, a quotation taken from a church website may be important to your point, but it should not be considered a primary resource for an assignment.

Before choosing your resources, ask yourself, "Is this resource primarily academic and scholarly?" If so, then it is probably a good choice. If you have questions about resources, let us know. We will be glad to help.

Grading Scale

Any grade below 70% is considered a failing grade. Any assignment that is not passed with at least a 70% will require re-submission before the course is considered complete.

100.00 %93.00 %A
92.99 %90.00 %A-
89.99 %87.00 %B+
86.99 %83.00 %B
82.99 %80.00 %B-
79.99 %77.00 %C+
76.99 %73.00 %C
72.99 %70.00 %C-

Grading Rubric
10% - Language Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.)
10% - Chicago Style
10% - Well Crafted Thesis Statement
10% - Structure
35% - Biblical Adherence
25% - Content
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