Earn a Certificate of Basic Christian Studies

You can earn a Certificate of Basic Christian Studies in 12 weeks or less. The total cost for the program is $59.88 (US dollars). The program consists of the following twelve courses:

  • ITM101 - The Inspiration of Scripture
  • ITM102 - The Trinity
  • ITM103 - The Fall, Salvation, and Eschatology
  • ITM104 - Ordinances
  • ITM105 - Qualifications of a Minister
  • ITM106 - The Role of the Minister
  • ITM107 - Evangelism
  • ITM108 - Preaching and Teaching
  • ITM109 - Writing Your Personal Testimony
  • ITM110 - The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • ITM111 - Speaking in Tongues
  • ITM112 - A Deeper Level of Experience

Program Requirements

  • Students must complete all of the courses listed above with at least a 70% final grade for each course.
  • When all of the requirements are met, students will be awarded a Certificate of Basic Christian Studies as a PDF to the email address on record.

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